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          I have been fortunate to work with many outstanding individuals in this business. Here are a few kind words that I have received.


Arturo Sandoval (My English is not good enough to express my appreciation)

Tom, Thank you for the beautiful work you did on my Olds special. This horn gets a lot of attention wherever I take it, and that includes my favorite local brass tech. My local shop has craftsmen like you, but their workload is so heavy with school instruments and such that they no longer do this kind of work. Those guys loved the work you did on this horn and on the selmer K-Mod you did for me. You not only have the respect of your client's, but the respect of other professionals as well! That is real credability my friend. You will hear from me again.Rick Wilson

Tom Green is without question one of the shining stars of the industry! The perfectionism and attention to detail Tom puts into all of his work is remarkable--take a look at any of the images in the photo gallery to see evidence of this. He restored my 1950 Martin Committee Delxue (173xxx) in vintage tint lacquer but he used clear lacquer on all the nickel components, preserving the beautiful two-tone look of the Deluxe model. By the way, he's one of the only cats in the industry that offers the vintage tint lacquer that gives a vintage horn the same deep gold amber look that a 60 year old trumpet is supposed to have. Also, the PVA he performed transformed a set of old, sluggish valves into lightening-fast ones--these valves feel as fast, smooth and buttery as a brand new Getzen or Schilke! The horn visually is a work of art and it sounds and feels even better! There are a lot of places you could send your horn for restoration but you're probably not going to find the combination of quality and value that Tom Green offers! Ray Callender

My 1984 Bach Strad had seen some hard times, and was continuing to deteriorate. I saw the results of Tom Green's work on a Conn Constellation which I purchased on eBay. It was refurbished by Tom, and was absolutely beautiful! I was so impressed with the work he did on the Constellation, that I had to find out if he could help me out with my old Bach. My Bach had dry rot in the lead-pipe, missing pieces, and lots of denting issues. I requested a bead blast finish with silver bell/trim, new lead-pipe, and adjusted braces. Tom made all of these modifications which I requested, and kept me posted during the progress. He made some great suggestions along the way, and always clarified what would be done. I'm very satisfied with the results. Tom rescued my trumpet from a downhill deterioration, and delivered a modified, upgraded work of art! Thank you so much Tom! I got a new and improved Bach Strad back in my hands, and I'm very impressed and satisfied with the results! Jeff Taylor Spokane, WA

I had purchased my Bach Stradivarius model 37 trumpet thru an eBay auction. Perhaps because a previous owner had attempted to add a matte-style finish to the horn using a sanding brush, my winning bid was rather reasonable for a Bach Strad. Although the horn, of course played well, the outward appearance was pretty rough. In fact, the original Bach engraving was partially obliterated during the brushing. Moreover, the raw brass irritated my hands a bit. I had the horn stripped, polished, and lacquered at a local shop. This refurbishment was adequate, although it failed to remove some damage done in the previous self-matting attempt. Several years past and I was drawn to the attractiveness of the satin finish of a well-crafted trumpet. After contacting several trumpet repair shops, I found Tom Green's Buffing and Instrument Repair. After speaking with Tom, I knew that this was the match for my trumpet. Although I thought I knew what I originally wanted, Tom presented me with various options and ideas, always insisting however, that I was the boss. My trumpet turned out so much better than I expected. Ultimately, the horn was finished with a bead-blast finish and a vintage-tinted lacquer over the brass sections. The valve caps and stems remained polished, offering a clean contrast to the rest of the instrument. Lastly, I had chosen a Bach full engraving on the bell. I wanted to add something special in this regard because of the previous damage to the original markings. The overall result was absolutely stunning. I could not be more pleased with the work or in dealing with Tom. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to have that special horn done "special!" THANKS TOM! Kindest Regards,Frank D. Balon

After buying a 1961 Getzen Power Bore Custom - model 90PB from Douglas Gilbert, and hearing that he strongly recommended Tom Green if I ever decided to get the horn refinished, I played and enjoyed the horn for the better part of a year while considering how I would want it redone. The horn was a mix of 'old school' dark brass lacquer and nickel. Then I called Tom Green to discuss my desire for a custom finish. I wanted to keep the nickel 'as stock' in high polish, but desired the brass lacquer be changed to a more 'golden' color that was a satin 'scratch' finish. Tom sent me a photo as a color reference that we agreed upon as well as a price for this complicated custom work that would involve extensive masking and multiple finishing layers. After receiving the finished trumpet, I was absolutely blown away with the high level of detail and craftsmanship of Tom's work. The finish is flawless, with no bumps, dirt specs, hairs, or runs. The color and satin finish are amazing deep and beautiful. He even 'spun' the scratch finish on the inner bell to add an extra detail that catches light and your eye. I couldn't be happier with the finished product. Thanks, Tom!Blaine Kelley

Tom- Thank you for the work you did on my Jeninga tuning-bell Bb. Although copper plating the entire horn was no easy task for everyone involved, the horn looks beautiful. I will recommend you to anyone who needs work on their horns!Steve Sowinski, Chicago

Dear Tom,

I just wanted to thank you again for the outstanding job you did restoring my 1951 Holton Trumpet. It was a pleasure working with you ; you took the worry out of it and you delivered beyond my expectations . You are a craftsman, Tom, and we are fortunate that you are still available to take on this kind of challenge. Sincerely, Hardy North - Austin, TX

Tom - thanks for the outstanding job you did on my early Elkhart Bach 72*. What I sent you was a well worn and dented player with worn out valves. What I received back was a beautiful horn with spectacular valves that looked like new. Oh, did I mention it plays REALLY well, too? This is the second horn I've sent you, and the results always impress me. I'm sure more will be coming your way. Thanks again for the great work. It's nice to know craftsmen are still alive and well in the U.S.Forrest

Tom Green is one of the busiest people in the industry and it is no wonder! I sent him my Selmer K-mod trumpet for restoration and had the gold lacquer added. The most important thing is his work which is as good as you will find at any price let alone what Tom charges. A gentleman and an honest man! Some people in this world I would not want to let my wife talk to but Tom is a nice guy and spoke with my wife on more than one occasion. He sent my horn a day later than promised because he wasnt happy with the 2nd valve action and took the extra time to make sure it is flawless. The horn is straight, performs like new and the gold lacquer is easy to mistake for a gold plated horn. I could not be more pleased and plan to trust Tom with all the work I need done in my collection.Rick Wilson

Tom restored my 1961 Bach Mt. Vernon Stradivarius. I am what many would call an extremely difficult person to please. However, when I opened the case, I was just absolutely stunned. His work was beyond compare and the Trumpet has held up beautifully. Well done.Eric Bell- Carmel, Indiana

I found Tom on the internet explained that I have a Silver Bach that had been sitting for years. The trumpet was black from tarnish. All of the valves were stuck, the mouthpiece was stuck and the supports were broken. It was in horrible shape. After Tom worked his magic the horn came back like brand new. Incredible. And the price I paid for the restoration was literally hundreds of dollars less than what I was quoted by competitors. Tom , you are the man!!Ray Hoafat Miami Florida

I sent my 1935 Martin Imperial trumpet to Tom for valve work and refinishing. He recommended the original glossy lacquer on the silver plate and brass and a complete valve rebuild. Tom kept me apprised of the progress and when I received the horn I was indeed astounded. The valves are perfect and the finish is flawless. It looks and plays better than new. I am very proud of Tom's work and I would highly recommend him to anyone. He is a true "old world craftsman". My Benge is next.Doug Shomette Lockhart, Texas

Tom is one of the best! He has done several trumpet restorations for me (several are pictured in his photo gallery). His work is first class all the way. He is a very fair and honest person that takes great pride in the work he does. Whether its just slight repair on a few dings, solder joint repair or total overhaul Tom goes the extra mile to make sure it is done right! Thanks Tom! Keep up the great work!Douglas Gilbert, Belfast Ireland/Rockford Illinois

I decided to send Tom my 1950 Martin Committee Deluxe trumpet to be restored. I wanted to have it Gold plated but just could not afford that, so I was just going to have it re-lacquered like it was originally. Tom suggested doing it in a "vintage tint lacquer" to give it that smokey aged color that the Martins are famous for. I was a bit unsure but put my faith in Tom's experience and went with his suggestion. I am totally amazed at what a beautiful instrument I now have. It has retained the vintage look and color of a 59 year old horn but is now in excellent, like new condition. I could not be happier!!! Tom is very honest and trustworthy and just a great guy to work with. I highly recommend him for any instrument repair. Thanks again Tom!David Everitt

I’ve had horns refinished all over the country and Tom’s work is the best I’ve ever seen. He brings his passion for quality, his eye for design, and his expertise with equipment and materials into every project. His specialty is turning horns with cosmetic issues into works of art. In three words, “Green is gold!”Jim Hatfield, Glen Ellyn, IL

I have had many projects done by Tom over the last 5 years. Yes his work is exceptional, but I value his friendship more.Merle Jenkins, Lindsay ON Canada

om, your work is top notch! I have nothing but good to say about your skills and your service and professionalism.You definitely get all my business!Kevin Knipping

Tom's work continues to amaze me. He is a perfectionist with an eye for detail. I once sent him a "clunker" and when I got it back I thought he had sent me the wrong horn. Tom is one of the best in the business.Richard Cowart, Dubuque, Iowa

Tom, the restoration you did on my Getzen Severinsen trumpet was outstanding. In fact, all the horns you’ve worked on for me have turned out great. And, as you know, I am picky! The Getzen was particularly tricky, I thought, since you were converting a silver plated horn to gold tone lacquer. In addition, your other upgrades, including a new lead pipe and Amado valves, improved the performance and appearance of the horn. All in all, wonderful, wonderful work and I am certainly impressed with your attention to detail and knowledge of restoration techniques. I would gladly recommend you to anyone without reservation. Best wishes-Ken Barnes.

Tom, All finishing work you have done for me is absolutely outstanding, and it is without a question best I have ever came across in this business. I am glad we work together, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my life easier.Felix Vayser --- New York Trumpet Company

I sent Tom a mid-50's Courtois/LeBlanc "Balanced" model for replating/lacquering, that another techie had "started" on, and it was a "challenge". Tom not only did an excellent job; upon his review of the instrument, he suggested a needed valve rebuild. The instrument is "better" than new...and LOOKS it! Not only an absolutely fantastic job...but...a Great guy...who took time to not only totally "check out" the horn, but also "stayed in touch" via email/phone. I HIGHLY recommend him, and am sending him more work myself.Lee Isdell - Richmond Virginia

Tom has done several projects for me and his work is always top notch. His last project was to put a Getzen bell on an old Olds cornet. His work [as always] was fantastic and he was open to suggestions as to what I wanted. The horn came back better than I had expected. Thank You.Dave Mickley, Indianapolis

I recently received my Bach Stradivarius back from Tom's! Absolutely terrific job, exactly what I had hoped for. He re-did the original lacquer in a scratched lacquer finish, installed Taylor rings on the first and third slides and the leadpipe, and installed a first valve slide stop screw. And as others have mentioned, Tom is great to work with, a very professional and courteous craftsman.Brad Niemi Houston, TX.

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