Green's Buffing and Instrument Repair

PJ trumpet in flamed copper with black lacquered slides/accents

Getzen Power Bore in scratch gold lacquer on brass and polished nickel with clear lacquer

Bach Strad in scratch brass and polished silver accents with clear lacquer complete

Harrelson C Trumpet in blasted silver and gold lacquer accents

Conn 48A Cornet finished in Beadblast/Dark Gold Lacquer with bright slides, parts, inside bell and engraving

Bach Strad MLV restored in bright silver with gold inlaid hand engraving, accents, and inside bell

Custom built trumpet finished in beadblast Gold Plate and

LA Olds Special. Complete restoration with 1st and 3rd slide modification

Harrelson trim kit. Finished in beadblast dark gold lacquer

3 Trumpets in Gold Lacquer

A) Selmer in bright finish

B) Kanstul 1500 in scratch finish

C) Stage 1 in beadblast finish

1935 Conn 22B NYS - finished in Gold vintage tint lacquer

Bach Strad in Double Silver with inside bell, caps, buttons, trigger assembly and waterkey

Getzen Super Deluxe finished in scratch

brass, polished copper/nickel/chrome, and

gold lacquer complete